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Who are we ?

It is more than 9,200 km from Auvergne, where smiles, warmth and good humor reign, that we had the idea and the desire to create this Premium concept.

The meeting and the love of 2 individuals, coming from 2 different universes with various experiences and 2 opposite personalities.

2 worlds separate us, but only 1 brought us together: A common passion and values, the taste for travel and adventure...


Our history

Thus was born Domaine les 2 Mondes.

The world is matter, space and phenomena accessible to us through sense,

experience or reason!

What is deepest in man is imagination, travel and freedom.

A world between Lakes and Mountains, between Earth and Sky.

A world between winter and summer with rich and varied landscapes over the seasons.

A world between urban planning and nature.

A calm, peaceful world, where charm and well-being will allow you to escape.

You have understood it, to find oneself between 2 Worlds opens the door to the imagination and makes us travel through

our dreams and our senses.

It is a return to the sources that we offer you.


Domaine les 2 Mondes located at an altitude of 1,000 meters takes you to the heights to live a unique and unusual experience in unspoiled nature in its very comfortable Lodge.

Based on the current trend oriented towards ecology by reconciling respect for the environment

and the comfort of a small residence; The HostThe odge is made of a wooden frame,

giving it a serene and calm atmosphere.

In order to satisfy a growing demand in the field of wood construction,

our design office and our architect worked for more than a year to develop this premium and unique lodge in Europe, offering the possibility of annual operation.

These constructions are positioned in the range of H.L.L. (light leisure dwellings)

in compliance with current standards with a design just as close to the habitat.

Our experience in the field of mobile home residences leads us to a radically different positioning in terms of quality and operation.

Indeed, we can see a request made by a profile of customers looking for quiet and relaxing places.

The size of the area is a recurring request, these profiles being hermetic to large holiday centers which they consider noisy and too crowded.

Domaine les 2 Mondes sells its lodges nationally for professionals in the open-air hotel industry but also for individuals.

Our future ambition will ultimately be to develop our concept in several areas spread throughout France and why not towards Europe.




Chairman and CEO

After a Navy military career for 10 years, sailing within a crew with common values.

Investor and business provider in the outdoor hotel industry for 14 years, Romain wanted to change course for a new horizon by integrating a large group of high-end outdoor hotel industry leader in

the sale of residential Mobilhomes and vacation concept.


Commercial then, commercial director for 3 years within this group, Romain wanted today to put his knowledge into practice and thus create his own concept of outdoor accommodation in order to bring all his experience and share this passion with you. ;  in a Domain where the commercial positioning will be radically different from all the big fashionable structures.


"Indeed, we can see a request made by a profile of customers looking for calm and relaxing places. The size of the area is a recurring request, these profiles being sealed off from large holiday centers which they consider noisy and too frequented.”

Originally from Limousin, Romain is very attached to Auvergne and its unspoilt nature, and has been his holiday destination since he was little.


"I am very happy to introduce you to this new adventure at Domaine les 2 Mondes"




Executive Director

Her career and her experiences for more than 13 years in well-being and spa in large upscale and luxurious establishments have enabled Priscilla to satisfy her passion for well-being with rigor and professionalism and thus share the same values as Romain. for the creation of this joint and exceptional project.


"Well-being is an art, more than a training, I wish every day to transmit the passion of a whole know-how".

Investor and commercial in the outdoor hotel industry for 3 years in mobile residential leisure residences, Priscilla was able to put into practice on a daily basis what excites her, the relationship, listening, sharing and advice in order to always find the solution for the well-being of its customers.


"Their satisfaction remains my main priority. Living my passion for hiking and the mountains, I am proud to build this fabulous project with Romain and to write this beautiful and new adventure by your side"

Our team at your service

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